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ABA Therapy  For Children 2 to 12 in 

New york and New Jersey


Social skills groups  for children 3-5 years old  and 4-6 years old

Our Process:

1. Verbal Behavior Assessments are completed

2. Your child is matched to others with similar skill sets for listening and expressive language

3. Groups of 4-6 children meet once a week for 1 1/2 hours

Who will be implementing social skills training?  1 BCBA and 1 ABA therapist

What will we be working on? conversation skills,expressive language,eye contact,  coping skills, sharing, behavior and interpersonal relationships. (will be appropriate to individual learner's group) To further break down curriculum:see below
7-Step Model for teaching

1. Set Goal- Choose and clearly define a manageable social skills goal.
2. Teach -Explain what behavior looks like and why behavior is important.
3. Model- Demonstrate the desired social behavior.
4.  Practice-Practice-Practice   Role-play the desired behavior.
5 . Prompt- initial prompt for a natural display of desired behavior
6.  Reinforce-Reinforce group members after the demonstrate desired behavior.
7.  Generalize-Encourage practice of the behavior outside the group

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