ABA Therapy  For Children two to twelve          in  New york and New Jersey

Currently there is a waiting list for social skills group.. To be added to the wait list, please send an email to info@abastrategies.com

Social skills groups  (3-5 yrs. old and 5-7 yrs. old)

Who will be implementing social skills training?  1 BCBA and 1 ABA therapist

What will we be working on? conversation skills,expressive language,eye contact,  self-esteem, coping skills, sharing, behavior and interpersonal relationships. (will be appropriate to individual learner's group) To further break down curriculum:see below
7-Step Model for teaching

1. Set Goal- Choose and clearly define a manageable social skills goal.
2. Teach -Explain what behavior looks like and why behavior is important.
3. Model- Demonstrate the desired social behavior.
4.  Practice-Practice-Practice   Role-play the desired behavior.
5 . Prompt- initial prompt for a natural display of desired behavior
6.  Reinforce-Reinforce group members after the demonstrate desired behavior.
7.  Generalize-Encourage practice of the behavior outside the group

Sessions will last 2 hours each.   Most insurance accepted. 

Please contact  info@abastrategies.com for further information.