ABA Therapy  For Children 2 to 12 in 

New york and New Jersey


Parent Training Workshops

small group workshops tailored to meet parent interests and needs


1. ABA (applied behavior analysis)  Overview

2. Communication training to replace problem behavior

3. Teach your child to increase in compliance and independence

4. Integrate shaping and fading techniques into a positive environment

5. Observation and basic data collection methods  taught to help ensure reliability and treatment integrity

6. Newly learned ABA procedures need modeling, practice and feedback until mastery and fluency have

    occurred in 9 out of 10 opportunities for 3 consecutive days

Parent training workshops held at 99 Northfield Ave., Suite 3, West Orange, NJ, 07052

To inquire about details of parent training workshops in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey

  email info@abastrategies.com or call 1-888-292-2124 for more information

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