ABA Therapy  For Children two to twelve          in  New york and New Jersey

Online Training 

For ABA therapists who are currently working with ABA Strategies, we offer a complimentary training to become an RBT                        (registered behavior technician) Topics include the following:       


Introduction to Verbal Behavior                                                         Motor Imitation / Mimetic Behavior
Naturalistic Teaching Strategies                                                        Principles of Behavior Part 1: Reinforcement
Principles of Behavior Part 2: Behavior Reduction                           Receptive Language / Listener Responding
Recording Behavior                                                                          Supporting Quality of Life for a Person with Developmental Disabilities
Teaching Early Social Skills                                                              Teaching New Behavior
Teaching Requests/Mand Training                                                   Teaching Verbal Imitation / Echoics

Abuse and Neglect of Individuals with I/DD                                      Antecedent Interventions
Confidentiality and HIPAA                                                                Consequence Interventions
Discrete Trial Instruction - Part 1                                                      Discrete Trial Instruction - Part 2
Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in ABA                                          Ethical Guidelines for ABA Practitioners
Ethics and Clients' Rights                                                                 Functions of Behavior: FBA
Graphing and Progress Evaluation                                                  Guidelines for Effective Documentation
Instructional Control                                                                         Intensive Trial Teaching
Introduction to Asperger's Syndrome                                               Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders

For Parents and Teachers who are interested in learning ABA methods  we offer various options:

1. A series of 4  2 hr. workshops once a week with a BCBA (private or group) tailored specifically to your needs

2. Online training in ABA methods (included at no charge for ABA Strategies clients)

3. Workshops on ABA procedures in the school setting for teachers

      (How to decrease behavior problems and increase compliance)


For further information, please email info@abastrategies.com or call 1-888-292-2124