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ABA Therapy  For Children 2 to 12 in 

New york and New Jersey

Who are we?

We are a group of NYS Licensed Behavior Analysts who have been practicing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with children diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities for over 20 years.
After working in clinical settings and school settings, we saw the home environment as the most effective approach in making significant improvements in a child’s development which led  us to  begin ABA Strategies.

What makes our company unique....

ABA Strategies, d/b/a  holds to the highest standard of excellence.  Our teachers are constantly increasing their knowledge and skills to help your child  move from level to level on the road to independence. BCBAs not only work with your child directly but also monitor ABA therapists  providing supervision and video feedback on a bi-weekly basis. The latest research is always utilized to ensure proficient use of all ABA procedures. Careful monitoring and analysis of data and graphs guide the BCBA to add higher level skill acquisition programs and  work toward contacting natural contingencies of reinforcement to promote generalization and maintenance.